Citroen UK scrappage scheme 2017 offers up to £7000 off a new van

Citroen launches scrappage scheme for petrol and diesel in the UK to encourage British motorists to trade-in their old polluting car for a low emissions equivalent, by offering a cash incentive of up to £7,000 off a new car or van.

To qualify for the deal drivers must have owned their car for 90 days or more and it must have been registered before 31 December 2010 and all new cars bought through the scheme must be registered before 31 December 2017.The French car manufacturer joins a growing list of companies offering trade-in scheme including Toyota and Renault; unfortunately, the Citroën Scrappage Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing customer offer.Commercial Vehicles

Nemo Panel Van – £3,000

Berlingo Panel Van (Excludes Berlingo Electric) – £5,000

Dispatch Panel Van – £5,500

Relay 30 Panel Van – £6,000

Relay 33/35/40 Panel Van – £7,000

Bek Hassan, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, said; “The Citroën Scrappage Scheme makes it possible for many owners of older petrol and diesel vehicles to upgrade to a brand new, lower-emissions Citroën car or van.

“The benefits extend far beyond the range of engines too, the rate of change in terms of driver aids, on-board comfort and connectivity means that renewing a pre-2011 model and moving up to a new Citroën now represents even greater value-for-money.

“This important new initiative is fully in line with Citroën and PSA Group commitments to develop and promote latest-generation, more efficient models for the benefit of our customers and the environment.”