Fiat launches five-year van warranty and servicing package – but there’s a catch

Fiat has launched a new five-year warranty and servicing package across its van range – but it only applies to higher specification models.

So while the new warranty is available on the Fiorino compact van, Doblo Cargo small van, the Talento medium van and the newly updated Ducato large van, you don’t get it as standard on the base specification versions.

What does the new Fiat five-year warranty package include?

Fiat is calling the new package the ‘555 campaign’, and as this suggests there are three elements to it.

The first part is an enhancement of the usual three-year warranty with a further two-year extended warranty.

The second part is a five-year ‘Easy care’ servicing plan – although it’s five years or the first five services, whichever comes first.

The third part increases the usual single year of roadside assistance cover by a further four years.

So assuming you’re not a massively high-mileage user, that’s five years of cover in three important areas on most new Fiat vans.

Which Fiat vans are covered by the new five-year warranty?

The new deal applies to Tecnico and Sportivo versions of any Fiat van sold from July 2019 onwards.

In other words, it does not apply to entry-level models.

While that might seem a bit a mean, it’s in line with changing van buying habits, which are increasingly seeing better specification models out-selling basic trim levels.

In other words, this is just one more reason to upgrade from bog standard.

Is there a mileage limit on the Fiat five-year van warranty?

There is. The Fiorino and Doblo Cargo are limited to 100,000 miles of cover, while the Talento and Ducato get 125,000 miles of peace of mind.

That’s a minimum of 20,000 miles a year of warranty protection for the first five years, so while it won’t cover all users a lot of van operators should be able to benefit for the full five-year term.

Is this a limited time offer?

Fiat hasn’t put an end date on this 555 campaign, saying instead that the ‘offer is valid until further notice.’

But while that means there’s no rush to take advantage, it also gives Fiat the flexibility to end the enticement any time it sees fit.

Will this help Fiat sell more vans in the UK?

You’d think so, right? But we know that Renault and Vauxhall have both experimented with four-year warranties, and subsequently found that buyers would rather pay less for the van in the first place or that the costs involved are better used to reduce servicing prices.

As such, it’s really the inclusion of the servicing and roadside assistance within the deal that’s likely to turn buyers’ heads.