Nigel Swallow

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L2 Vivaro Sportive SAT NAV

Nigel Swallow

After deciding to purchase a new van, something I’ve not done before as i always bought used vehicles i set about the task of finding the best deal out there !!

However not being one to rush into things i gave myself plenty of time about 9 months lol to sort it out.

As it happened the first company that i contacted was Harpenden Vans – Fleet sales and although leaving no stone unturned i could not find a better deal than the one offered by Ian from this company, their vehicle was of a very high spec, one that most dealerships could not source in less than 10 weeks as it had to be a factory build.

Not only was the van of high spec it was also priced competitively in fact my local vauxhall dealership couldn’t believe i could get a van of this spec at the price and advised me to quote “bite their arm off” as they were not able to get near fleet sales price.

So if its a new van your looking for look no further because they won’t be beaten and believe me i tried.

Thanks Ian, Van is awesome I’m well pleased with it